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iBusiness, an independent new business ideas/innovation company, scans the globe for the most promising new business ideas. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Eastern Sarajevo. iBusiness is a company that offers services in the field of consulting, design and construction of complex communications and business systems and system integration based on advanced technologies. Our advantage is possibility to offer complete range of web-based services with project consulting and also outsourcing services in the field of telecommunications, programming and implementation of advanced networking solutions. We provide the right level of technology and service to support the strategic objectives of today's dynamic organizations.

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Support to the development of IT sector in BiH
The project intends to address the growth of the ICT sector, which is constrained by the acute shortage of qualified staff, mainly due to the gap between outdated educational programs and the rapid development requirements of employers. The goal of the project is to train people to work in the IT sector with the aim of increasing the qualified workforce in this field and providing the opportunity for high-quality employment. Cooperation will take place with local levels of government (municipalities) and civil society organizations.


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A constant need for developers and emerging IT industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina provides great opportunities for young people in the field of programming. The labor market requires JAVA, ASP.NET, QA, Front-end and Back-end (Full-stack) developers and also MEAN Stack developers. Developer trainings as well as the e-Learning platform eJava.ba are a great starting point in the information technology world.


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The Information and Communication System (ICT) represents all devices, network components, applications and systems that in turn enable people and organizations to interact in the digital world. The role of ICT in economic development and business growth is so monumental that many refer to it as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Each of our deliveries aims to reduce the digital divide between our clients and the world's leading corporations.The trust shown by many satisfied partners has lead to effectively improving their businesses by reducing unnecessary costs. One of our most famous partners is the State Investigation and Protection Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SIPA) then we are cooperating with several agencies in Council of Ministers of BiH as well as with UK Good Governance Fund. We have cooperation with the largest IT companies in BiH with which we regularly carry out IT equipment delivery tasks.


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The purpose of the internet platform will be to provide the starting point and structure for those interested in acquiring programming skills. The platform will be able to access any interested person, the only prerequisite will be to own a personal computer and internet connection. Given that materials on the platform will follow the training structure, those who successfully complete the process of self-learning will acquire the knowledge necessary to work in the IT sector. The importance of the internet platform is reflected in its accessibility to any interested person with the added advantage of learning at its own discretion, since the user of the platform is not limited in time and is free to deploy learning in accordance with other obligations.


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Consulting is based on providing expert advisory in developing certain businesses or improving their performance. Consulting is giving opportunity to solve problems starting from bureaucracy to implementation of certain ideas, technologies, projects under the patronage of top experts. Delivering strategies from market point of view is helping companies entering world of competition. Bringing up their business to large scale of purchaser.


Technology is application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. It is a genuine composition of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in production of goods and services aimed for accomplishment of objectives. Today, every nation is thriving on technology to generate economy, employment, all leading towards a smart lifestyle. Discovering new trends in Internet of things, managements are facing thrilling opportunities as well as demanding challenges. Technology solutions help to automate and simplify processes, allowing for the same level of effort to produce a much greater output of results.


Outsourcing is efficient strategy of expenses managing, in other words we can define outsourcing as hiring an alien company aimed for improving performance in management. Outsourcing can enable the use of the best experts and practices that fit into a project or budget of any kind and as needed. It makes certain tasks faster and efficient, enables market penetration faster than competition, maximizes the flexibility of the workforce and enables access to highly qualified workers. This makes outsourcing one of the most significant business trends of today.

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